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I hoe’d so much. I ache and my hands are claws. I have a serious date with the tub, hot water and Epsom salts. A good soak will hopefully loosen everything up.

As for the Mantis it has disappeared and apparently didn’t work anyway and so…manual labour if you want your own produce then. I was miserable about it but who wouldn’t be? I could have accomplished 867854758740 other things as well as my garden today but noooooo…

photo (10)

My helper enjoying our after gardening dinner. Mikey = <3

photo (8)

Chili is other helper. I suppose the deck now needs painting judging from this picture.


It never ends.

photo (7)

And there’s also the projects I bring on myself. Like this TV stand. Take a good look darlings because I am going to refinish this to a state of gorge. If you look to the right of the picture you can see the shadow of my co-conspirator, one Ms. Chili Cookiepuss.

I have to soak, it hurts to type. Cheers to a lovely veekend you darlinks!

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Only 2% of people on earth have green eyes.

photo (1)

I am one of those 2%.

It’s all cats eyes and curves over here darling.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:


Like the legend of Phoenix,

all ends with beginnings,

what keeps the planet spinning,

The force from the beginning.

We’ve come too far to give up who we are.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Exactly right? I’d like to think that the Punks and Pharrell wouldn’t steer me wrong anyhow so let’s just stick with this.



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As in time with…self. Hello old (still hot) friend!

photo (20)

Sunshine and open fields darlings, summer is almost here.

So glad and grateful.

photo (19)


More Currybomb-esque Goodness:


I like to prepare for projects close to a year in advance. Then let them fall by the wayside. Then passionately take them up again.

smudge 2

I was off today, as well as all weekend.Eventually I will blog all the gorgeous happenings. The weekend where I really didn’t leave the 40 acres that is Curryville and am quite satisfied with this decision. Curryland sounds more like a restaurant y’know?

smudge 1


And I had about four thousand inklings to blog but spent it mostly offline minus a Pinterest binge while I waited for SNL.

Put off the smudging because of lack of feather. Several hours later while being a (safe) firebug I find one by my feet. Left there humanly by what I assume to be the troupe of turkeys who inhabit the area, surely some sort of sign.

Ironically I lost that feather about ten minutes later.

Ten minutes after that, another found.

Fine. I get the hint.

It’s easy enough to do on your own. You get the sage smouldering and you sweep the house with the smoke. Start at the front door and go clockwise through each room and through the house. Don’t forget closets etc. Out with the old, in with the positive and new.

Salt also works, sprinkle it outside around the house.

Told you I was a dirty hippie. I’ll come to your house to do this for you if I love you.

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The Isle of Christinka

The Life Coach suggests I be a little kinder to myself. Oh sure, this whole ‘internal-monologue-mental-punching-bag-on-a- constant-basis’ thing is fun but it’s just not inspirational at best. As Papa Currybomb always said – You are an island unto yourself. I suppose, it being spring, I should spring clean the Isle of Christinka.

words to live by


Oh snap, turns out half of the Isle of Christinka is practically geographically predetermined for fun. Isn’t that grand?


More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

All the Love I have is in my Mind

To a certain degree I have fire in my hands too Ashcroft.

Oh hi blog. Sorry about that. I kind of forgot about you and I realized this today, amid the fog of my brain. My memory, my brainpower, my sudden onset of confusion seems to happen more than less lately. Possibly there because Spring has an issue sprung-ing this year. It’s cold, it’s humid, it’s sunny, it’s grey. Can we get a little uniform here darling?

In other somewhat related news here are some things that make me happy, in no particular order.

* Going for walks with the Beagle and the two cats joining us. Although slightly biased may I just say how amazing and intelligent they are, staying close, coming when called. Not to mention stunningly beautiful.

* Cooking. Roasted zucchini, almond and lemon hummus? Sure, no problem!

* Daydreaming about owning and operating a food truck. Discussed at some length with The Cracker when he was around. (I wonder if you read this Ian?) Anyway, the mere thought of such things makes my hopelessly romantic brain waft about all dreamy like. Airstreams and experimental cookie baking are calling me!

* Lounging in bed on a lazy day off kinda Tuesday morning and suddenly sitting up and realizing the correlation between this terrible dry spell and the fact I’ve gotten fat. This is not a bout of Sex and the City syndrome it’s just a little of Samantha/Christinka realizations. They come and go. Just not around here lately. *pats self on back for that one*

*   Weekends with Meowers. Shopping, sitting, laughing, pretty amazing cookies. Yep. You’re the best kittypants.

*  Midge buying a ton of these scarf wrap coat thingys and they are lovely and interesting.

* Decision: The ATV is going to be staying with me no matter where I may end up nesting with the kitties and Beag. I love bombing around on it, the wind in my hair and the ease of gardening and exploring. If I need to fashion a trailer for such thing then I guess I do. We’ll travel the countryside in the wrong gear together. Romance.

* I have no time for drama kings. They’re boring. You’re boring K, I didn’t deserve that because you had a bad day and were nervous about our night. And off with you, join all the others in buh-bye ville.

* Hot rods huh?

Grateful for each and every one of these, such  a cool customer that universe of ours no? Trying to remember to not focus on the ‘hows’ just the things I wish for. Easier blogged than done sometimes.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

I’m Going to Write a Love Letter to my True Love

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Excellent jumping on the bed on a Sunday morning soundtrack. I’m frustrated and this is helping. I sometimes, because of my little bouts of anxiety tend to slough off my emotions and try to not express them in fear of something or other. Dunno, ask Life Coach, surely she’s got it. Also, I think I’m just bored, gotta live a little y’know?

Projects are good. Quilt and new bloggingtons.

Hope your Sunday is a little slice of wonderful!



More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

The Winter Storm That Happened in the Spring

Blogged too soon…the ice snuck in overnight. But also continues. Just because it can.

icy wall

Ice day! In April! Okay…

photo (15)

Might as well use the day properly and clean and cook and organize all this new blogging stuffs. I am writing down all my super neat ideas and trying to find the right fit of a designer.

When I tired of such things I tried on every pair of pants I own. I purged, a healthy spring purge. I also put myself on a strict diet and vowed for health. I’m planning a quilt and a skirt too. Domestic yes? (My dreams of fame and fortune are gone, I think they’cve been happily replaced with dreams of banal domesticity. And I’m happy about it actually.)

Still in no rush. Aiming for best match, not just current and readily available match. I thought we were a match? Thought wrong suppose.

photo (7)

Also internetted some interesting articles on Psychology Today. Somewhere my life coach is throwing her hands up and wondering why I don’t ever listen. This is not a far out diagnosis conspiracy theory however. For once it was out of mere curiosity. It’s more of a confirmation that the fairer sex is merely fairer. Or something like that.

photo (10)

Just got schooled on self fulfilling prophecies. Word. Super interesting.

Hope you made you day wonderful doll! <3

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Roll With It

Mid 2013 resolution, #rollwithit. Right up there with #fuckit.

maybe we will find something

Source: MissRoze Instagram

(This is exactly how I want the posts to be on the new blog, clean, simple and awesome. I’m vision boarding this thing to the hilt. I am so pumped.)

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