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We Love the All of You

Our lands are green and our skies are blue

This whole ‘thing’ is going to be another thing because change is always good. And by thing I mean this site and the new site and all the other sites. Some are my sites and some are not but I remain voluntary involved with several of them for the greater good of something I am unsure of yet.

Ideas. Never at a deficit.

I write a lot of things down. Some start as lists and some are more just intentions or things to remember for the future. Taking up sheep farming for example. Limited edition hand dyed and spun wool would do it for me don’t you think? This serves several purposes; an outlet, financial gain and pride of work ethic and output.

Just as an FYI, I usually do put out. Output. Putout. #popular

All of this wonderfulness may take a little time and to be totally honest I’m not rushing a single variable. I’m not rushing anything in any sense lately and that’s working just fine for me. In fact, I’ve hiatus-ed a couple of things and it’s refreshing in it’s own little way. For some tasks it actually excites me more about something I had perhaps become disinterested in. I put undue pressure upon myself to accomplish way too much on a daily basis. So trying to be nice to myself more often is more of a feat than I had originally assumed it would be. Mountains out of self-depreciating molehills I suppose.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

S’all a work in progress, just like all the other dames.

But enough about me darling, how are you?

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Now I Certainly Know Everything

As it goes for the past two or so-ish years I have made a list of ten things I am grateful for at the end of each day. My only religion. And I say thank you out loud.

Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes I have to cull the lovely herd depending on the situation and the day of course. And although you’re sleepy and bloated and cannot stop filling your stretched stomach please do take a minute and consider at least one thing in your life you may be thankful of or for. Simple things and in the moment things are my favourite children.

Yes. I play favourites.

realize is important - Copy


Source: We Heart It

I recalled yesterday some years of my life that were void of gratitude and instead filled with sometime materialism, too often gossip, otherwise negativity and self induced emo strife. I don’t regret them, I just see the err in my ways. I suppose this is somehow induced via adulthood. Another thing they haven’t bothered letting you know about in school. I come from stock, specifically paternally, that attempted to nicely drill the strength and elegance of positivity in my life from a young age. I didn’t listen.

Hence why I struggled against it for some years. I didn’t need any of this advice because I was young enough to know everything.

Now I am old enough to realize I don’t know many things. In fact, the majority of everything I know nothing about. But I keep learning.

Life. Funny.

So…autumn leaves, plentiful food, clean water and beautiful working Jeeps. Great boss, good friends and family that are friends. Family in general. Music and warm fall weather conducive to Beagle/Human bonding time. Hugs and kisses and hanging new art. Leftovers. Pink skies. Jumping on my bed. The game of Life kind of imitating life. Cousin time. Auntie Christinka isn’t really your aunt but trust me there’s a line up to be related to me, I’m a gem. Mom cooking. All those faces at the thanksgiving table. You, me, the cats and the horses and the Beagles of the world



More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

This Right Now

Today is a new start.

Everyday is a new start. Never forget that.

Or about dancing in your hello kitty hotpants on a Monday going through your kick ass wardrobe.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Make your Monday marvelous.




More Currybomb-esque Goodness:


The last animal we had with Dad didn’t make it past August. She was 12 and had fought illness for the last year solidly. Never complained, always the perfect dog.

daisy with snow

Cruel month that August. Meowers had a point; at the very least the sadness can be contained, we can use this month for remembrance and then not have a heartbreaking reminder every couple of months. Bright side kids, best friends ever.

daisy the lion

Maybe August 2014 I could just cover myself in my gems and stick my fingers in my ears and meditate all month? Does that make me emotionally advanced or a monk.

CRUISE!!! 120

What a sweetie. She passed as mom held her paw. She’s with Dad and Uncle Greg and her magical little boyfriend Rocco. She’s happy. We’re sad but happy.

photo (1)

A life well lived…never a sunny day wasted, always enjoyed with a dip in the pool and a solid afternoon of carrying around someone’s left flip flop.




outstanding in her field


Rainbow Bridge. Dad was there, he helped. He always does.


More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Right This Second…

to get something


Ohhhhh, okay.

I get it!

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Twenty-Eight Vs. Three

It’s been busy.

It’s also been interesting.

Let’s just get my brain all pretzeled and my anxiety level soaring thinking about all the pros and cons all at once shall we? And not just about one avenue…all of ‘em.

Doesn’t help that’s it’s August. I’ve had twenty-eight superb Augusts in my life. I have also had three terrible heart breaking Augusts in my life. Oh sure the good far exceeds the bad strictly as far as numbers are concerned but I really can’t stress just how bad those three were. Very thorough August! VERY! Every three or so years she really throws me for a loop. Sigh. We all have that month I suppose.

I do dream of one day, after obtaining certain independent wealth, a good solid thirty one day yearly sabbatical of sitting cross-legged in a remote cave with my fingers in my ears meditating on a constant basis should be on the menu. Until then it’s just me and my high emotional IQ fighting the good fight. It’s not the size of the Currybomb in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the Currybomb.

Wink smiley indeed.

This whole living life as an adult really is a thorn in my side. All these options and I count my lucky stars I have this many forks in my cutlery-life road but…geeeeeeeeeeeez…all these wonderful little idea fish swimming through my veins.

it's time


I can flow chart and dreamboard and pro and con this thing to the point of nausea. Half out of boredom and half out of fear but we all know how much of a sweetheart I really am.

Don’t tell anyone though I got this ice queen thing down pat.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me


I read somewhere about retaining your childlike awe at the world. I can’t grasp it totally, 24/7 however but I can get glimpses here and there. Stopping and the smelling the roses.

photo (14)

Stopping and getting your orange weave put in.

Stopping and buying a celestial and horsey tank top.

Clearly one of my better ideas.

Happy Saturday!

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Oh Okay

I took off a month or so from the blog. On purposely on purpose, without purpose, planned but unplanned. Or something like that, you do what you feel you need to do. Annoying from a former supervisor, actually not so annoying in this situation. Quite apt.

I got plans and ideas and stuff happening. It`s scary and frustrating but there are rays of sunshine that beam down through those clouds. Everything is all everywhere and up in the clouds lacking sense or organization. I need to relax and sort it out. Eventually this will happen.



It actually wasn`t that sign specifically. But the following sign, which was actually the inspiration, made me think of the above sign. I was in a small hormone fuelled state of indecision when, while browsing, courtesy of Carlyanne.com it reminded me…

replace the

So it`s that easy eh…okay. Thanks for the sign talk babies.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

It’s Not the New Blog Yet

But it will be.

Sooner than later alligator.

Or something.


Positivity arm party. I need more. Send more okay?

The logistics of re-branding to a certain extent, mainly because of all the mere logistics and choices, turns my brain in to a pretzel. It could be all the blonde hair dye not helping either. The fumes perhaps. Or the extra pounds plopping me in to a fog of indecision. I want it all and also some of that and that but also not too much. I’m no glutton. And I’d prefer to live a life kind of joyful variety, lacking the obsessive taser beam on only one area of creativity, income stream and so on.

There has to be a way Ms. Currybomb, maybe more hair dye is indeed the answer?

intentions of the moon

Supermoons. Set your intentions dolls and the universe hears your story and your claims and bestows upon you what you need, not what you want. Although the two can overlap, when it’s right it’s right. Remember that, everything happens for a reason and everything is happening. Our problems are all awesome aren’t they? :-)




More Currybomb-esque Goodness:


I think this is quite possibly the longest time I have gone in years without blogging. Without letting my brain mentally barf via my fingertips on to the great and sometimes wonderful expanse of the interwebs. I’ve not time for regret so yes, here we are. I think I have decided I want a new blog and old blog just won’t do. Plus oh you know darling how busy I am round this time of year. What with the planting and gardening and trimming and I’m slowly making friends with the local stray. Busy busy makes for no bloggy bloggy.

I do love to barf on here though. My brain loves a good purge.

horse shirt yay

Oh this day I wore my new horse shirt and kept on regretting not getting the wolf one…Midge maybe you and I should spend rainy Sunday hunting down such beast? Rainbow wolf shirt yes please.


Otherwise I am doing quite well, and you?


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