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1000 More Calories Than Required

Hi Bloggintons! All I can say is when it rains it pours.

Since I eluded to it earlier… last Wednesday¬†was awesome. We literally left no day-date stone unturned.

After much haggling with the dogs and cats I managed to arrive at Coyote’s by lunchtime. There is nothing truly like a nooner is there? For someone who was gainfully employed full-time it’s one of my most favourite facets of not having a schedule. And by not having a schedule I am accomplishing so much joy everyday, case in point; nooner.

And this meal…

Oh Ikea! Why are you so great!?!?

Thanks to the above and then a quick pit stop at Booster Juice I managed to go over my daily limit of calories by about 1000. Yes, that many zeros. I showed that little pink princess cake who was boss…while loudly talking on the phone to my mother while Coyote looked on. A romantic? Why yes I am thankyouverymuch.

Yesterday we had a little talk about some things, relationship things. It was moderately unpleasant but I’ve no filter and he should have known that by now. I let him have my little intervention and stew about it and we’re getting back on track. Y’know adulthood and the ilk of such things. I have high hopes and was showered with apologies. I will admit sometimes I expect Coyote to read my mind when perhaps a better plan of action would to just let him have it on the spot. Not the good kind of let him have it either. The verbal emotionally damaging and brutally honest kind.


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2 Responses to “1000 More Calories Than Required”

  • Guuuurl! What a pretty cake, though! I think it’s OK to go 1000 or so calories overboard every once in a while. You only live once! I have NO IDEA if there is cake in heaven…or hell, for that matter! Now, that’s a worry!


    • Maybe Heaven is made up of these little Ikea cakes? One day I am taking you for cake at Ikea! We’ll make a whole day of such!