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That was Then, Now is Now

As I said in the previous post I gave up the ghost on this project with the intention to revitalize my muses and get back to my blogging roots.

So I did.

You may now find me at the following blog; All I have to do today is smile.

For now, and just because when I logged on to this very blog I spent a good 20 minutes sucked in to past posts I will leave these Bombies here for a while. After all, there are many baby kitty pictures…I must share with the world.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Why I Shut Down Currybomb.Com



Miss me?

If you haven’t noticed I kind of called it quits on this little project, December 1st of last year. Partly planned. If anything the idea of a break was merely a fleeting thought and had been for many moons. It just seemed like the right time.

Bottom Line: I fell out of love with my blog.

I only felt compelled to write when I was venting about someone or something. Otherwise my muses packed their bags and took along passion and in some aspects, authenticity. It was barren when they left, however it made room for the guilt train to pull in to the station.  Blogging became an obligation, not a passion. I had progressively worsening guilt about not blogging. Then, as an added bonus, I had guilt that whatever content I was producing wasn’t good enough or ever enough.

Tomes. I can sure write one if I’m feeling it.

I felt the Bomb become very un-Christina. I didn’t have any connection to it as I once did, I didn’t love her like when she was a shiny newborn.  Everyone changes and grows and develops, some people and things join us in the next chapter and some people and things don’t. And that’s okay! That is life!

It was time well spent the last eight-ish or so months. I realized several things and their root causes and eliminated them. I miss the degree of self expression but I don’t need any sort of endorsement, status or otherwise. No marketing agencies, no tweeting links, no Facebook fan page.

It’s just going to be me and a line from a totally unappreciated song by Simon and Garfunkel;

” All I have to do today is smile ”

Until then kittens!

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

November Photoaday Finish!

It’s already December! Just because I am typical and thorough of course I am already behind in the new month. I’m even thinking of doing this all next year too…call it a Currybomb year in pictures or something clever like that. I am making excellent progress on the new blog. Every time I think about it I get excited.

Just like when I think of Keanu. <3

Day 24 – A Word


There are a couple of words in here but that’s because they all mean one word…Home. Always will be I suppose in some way. I dislike this place in many ways and love it in maybe the same amount of ways. There are actual variables that I both love/hate at once, which can be confusing. Home is many things and this won’t be my home forever but for now…I am loving it.

Day 25 – Quirky


Best three dollars ever spent. There is no reason why the kitties shouldn’t have a little festiveness while contemplating life and chewing kibbles. Best fur-parent ever.

Day 26 – Message


The issue with this prompt is that the photo opportunity presented itself however I never figured out the message. Chrystal, the cat, at 7:30 a.m. stakes claim to the potty after having a row with three toilet paper rolls she leaves strewn in the corner. Nothing. I got nothing. Is she trying to train herself?

Day 27 – No!


It’s been a looonngggggg time Maccas but it was a desperate situation and there we were. It’s funny, the more you eat it the more you want and it’s a vicious cycle of want vs. need vs. cholesterol. I won’t be doing this again anytime soon, the aftershocks felt for days. I blame estrogen and rushing.

Day 28 – I am grateful for…


I am grateful for a plethora of things every day. Open roads, fresh air, quiet enough to almost hear the snowflakes land on the soft shoulders of the road.

Day 29 – Black


Chili has one of those purrs that levels out at a rumbling decibel that shakes the entire house. I could hear her but not really see her as I attempted to sleep. I played with the picture a little tiny bit…there was a slight glow from the hall nightlight. The beacon to save your limbs when you need a glass of water in the wee hours.

Day 30 – All Done


How am I going to use up a whole bunch of cooked rice? I am going to try to make Mango rice dessert thing that I used to have at least twice a week from Coco Rice when I was swimming in the ocean of concrete and ergo chairs and amazing friends and that path at that time. So I warmed up the rice with a little coconut milk in the oven. I took the rest of the coconut milk and added some cornstarch and made a thick sauce and then oh what the hell, I told the mango to hit the road and Banana Fosters-ed that bitch.

I ate pretty much the whole thing and I don’t even care if that makes me a swine. It was mind blowing.

Flowers, Food and Farming….pretty much my whole calling y’know?

In other news, what are you doing for New Years? Downtown? Uptown? Beach? Want to run away to Africa?

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

#Photoaday 13 – 23 (By the Week Because I Insist on Being Difficult)

The bottom line is I do not have time or energy (and sometimes interest) in blogging daily. I feel like when I force it it’s drivel (and if you say it’s drivel even if I don’t force it then don’t read it k?) and I am not proud of any content. Lately I have been examining if I feel this blog is a true reflection of myself or what it is. Can a blog be timeless? I guess it depends on the content and the provider.

Let’s file that under ‘things to think about’. Right before the modern validity of monogamy and how to raise honey bees. First I need to find some bees who want in on the deal. Clearly.

Day 13 – Part of Me


Part of me is now a Bronde. Oh you know sweetie, never the same way twice. As always, Karly you = genius. She’s a wonderful person, lucky to consider her a friend.

Day 14 – Eating

IMG_2942 IMG_2943

Dinner with Midge and Auntie Carolyn before we caught Elvis at The Music Hall. I am so lucky that Uxbridge has good places to eat that are not pre-packaged, GMO filled and heated upon order no no food. Chefs that actually chef. It happens, they exist darlings I assure you. Niki at Urban Pantry is a lovely person and good at what she does. The Pad Thai knocked my socks off to the point that I am still, a week later, thinking about it. Still. And when I downloaded this picture I started to drool a little. Also, Niki read me like a book and bestowed frites. Not just yam or Yukon or the yawn-y frites but ones doused and sauced in garlic and rosemary. Which is like, flips hair, the BEST IDEA EVER. <3

Day 15 – In my Pocket/Purse


Because of several actually quite boring reasons I always try to keep a healthy snack around. I am leaning towards being one of those obnoxious assholes who doesn’t eat gluten, meat, soy and dairy. I am hyper sensitive to my system since the PCOS diagnosis and my hellbent desire to protect my delicious and surely history making eggs. Also remember all the breakouts and that time I found out what bovine serum was? OMG, still reeling! Anyway, Vega is my friend and yours and this stuff is seriously so delicious. I’ve had many of the flavors (Berry, Chocolate, Chai, Tango) and they are all amazing, I reco hard hard hard.

Day 16 – Play


One of the things Elvis does is recreate the hormonal surge that the original did by wrapping broads in the audience with a red scarf. Auntie Carolyn was one of these broads. Then, the next day we realized red was actually Harley’s colour and he should be wearing it instead. Metrosexual Mastiff.

Day 17 – 5 O’Clock


Hi Moon. This picture does not do it justice. Mooners was HUGE and inspiring. Shining light upon early darkness.

Day 18 – Mirror


This is a terrible picture of me in my new and awesome hoodie/coat thing that concerned me slightly because of all the rainbow and I was worried it may be interpreted that I had switched teams. (Still straight, will update you if that changes.) Anyway, I took the picture to send to Meowers for confirmation that I indeed still looked like a straight girl who has excellent taste in handmade goods. That was what I was going for, not that there would be anything wrong with being gay. Trust me. I am pro supporting whoever wants to sleep with whomever. Liberal to the hilt!

Day 19 – Where you ate Breakfast


Under pink skies at dawn. I miss the people and the things of the concrete but as for beauty I am overcome so often here.

Day 20 – Communication



This is gratitude. This is love. This is the communication of two mammals being content with just each others company. If you haven’t noticed…I love my Lola. Thankful everyday for my Pocket Beagle from Kentucky.

Day 21 – I wish I had this


Is it wrong to sometimes envy your dog? The very same dog that sleeps so adorably and almost taunts you that she gets to sleep in everyday. She gets to bond with the high thread count just a little longer than you do. So. There. For what it’s worth I also wish I had more time with her…it’s dark by the time I get home so our daily walks haven’t been happening. We try for every day off to really walk it out but still…

Day 22 – Behind


Chrystal enjoys many things. One  of her many interests is having no regard or respect for my sleep quality. Waking up to a cat paw in my eye is just one of the many joys she brings me.

Day 23 – Simplicity


About a year ago I bought ‘patio’ citrus trees, one lemon and one lime. One day I hope to have a greenhouse but for now lemons, limes, lavender and lots of other lovely things grow and do marvelous and fascinating normal nature things in my basement. It’s been an uphill journey. I had to figure out how to mix special potting soil and find containers big enough for them and let them make hay while the sun and humidity shine in the summer and drag them back in nightly. Just enough water, some pruning.

But I did it. I have three lemons. I might dry them in slices and make some stupid piece of art out of them. My citrus pride knows no bounds.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Get Rid of the Dust

this is very important


More Currybomb-esque Goodness:


I do understand this whole photo a day thing means just that, a day. I do take them but as for posting them to the four or so hundred sites that I would like to post them on…I become sloth like. So here’s my catch up you little darlings. (How are you? It’s getting colder, bundle up and call your mother she misses you. I love you. You know that right? I’m a ball of love lately.)

Day 4 – Table…


Found this little gem in the barn one day, creativity reared it’s interesting head and it’s got DIY written all over it right? It’s half done and the vision was all set but then Pinterest did what it does best…distract me and change everything up. (Also check out the Chili shadow at the right hand side of the table. What a cutie.)

Day 5 – I Collect…


Gourdon is my new boyfriend. I collect accessories and interesting things and sometimes even boyfriends. Isn’t he adorable?!?

Day 6 – Music…


Love me some Simon and Garfunkel. I chose this because this has a LOT to do with my new blog which is coming along just swimmingly thanks for asking. Also,  Zack Braff is a total babe because he has excellent facial expression, looks good in eyeliner and wrote this little quirkpiece of lovely.

I adore quirky. Gourdon is quirky.

Day 7 – Yes…



Lola was a death row pooch in the great state of Kentucky and now look at those summer smiles.

Chrystal was destined for the short and tragic life of a barn cat. Devoid of human love and a never ending stream of kibbles.

This world is beautiful for all creatures isn’t it? YES.

Day 8 – Someone I Miss..


Do you want me to go alphabetically? I’ve lost way too many loves at this point and this is not self pity it’s just a load of pure honesty. Lately however, and for several reasons, Daisy has been on my mind. At night I still sometimes go to the door to let her in. Last week while in the barn I checked the stalls before I left to make sure she hadn’t gotten stuck in a locked stall.

I miss her.

Day 9 – Mine…


photo of har and i


All is right in the world when this big amazing piece of mutt is your lapdog. Welcome home Har. Prayers? Answered!

Day 10 – Book…

photo (16)


Meowers is my bestie and that’s for many many super several reasons. Possibly even millions of reasons, I’ve just not had the time to sit down and write them all out. (By candlelight, with a quill of course. Marty pipes in with suggestions and further reasoning.) Anyway so as we have a sort of tradition of spoiling each other she gifted me this little tome a while back. RIGHT up my alley, adore it. It makes me understand my little eccentric place in the world.

Day 11 – A Memory…


IN memory. This is my paternal grandfather. He was irrevocably changed in the war in several ways and this in turn changed the course of my fathers life, my uncles life and my grandmothers life. Which affected my life and my mothers and here we are. I didn’t get to meet him, I don’t know a ton about him but I do have his letters from the war which show a man in love and heartbroken to leave his sweetheart and infant son.

Thanks Grandpa Dan. Try to get along with dad huh?

Day 12 – Clouds…

From Iphone September 137

Hey thanks Northern Ontario. Right off the back deck. #blessed

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Photo A Day November: 3 – P is for…


photo 3


There are no words.

I cannot stress to you the love I have for him. I adore him.

At least ten times a day I look at him and marvel about his very existence.

Mother’s special furpants! Yes! He! Is!

P is also for Pee. Now, after close to a year of exclusively wizzing all over the buffet he’s moved on to the washing machine. A Marty sized jihad has been waged on the very machine that bleaches the mop heads, rags and other cleaning paraphernalia that clean this mess in the first place.

It’s almost poetic.

Which, cough, also starts with a P.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Photo A Day November: 2 – I Did This Today…

In keeping with my lack of pride and my shameless display of sloth I will post this gem from the 2nd, which would have been Saturday.

What did I do? Does extreme laziness count? Does being wrapped cabbage roll style in not one but three blankets, drinking wine and eating dough-y pre-made and processed to the hilt appetizers count as ‘this’ today…? Lola had a solid day of snoozing and begging. Midge actually left the safety of the homestead for an appointment and groceries.

Brave Soul.

photo 1

I need to leave the homestead more.

Gotta get my hands on a bottle of Masi Red. Haven’t had it in a while and cannot shake the craving.

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Photo A Day November: 1 – Fruit

My cousin in law Melissa did a very cruel thing last Christmas. She made a caramel dip for dessert and cut up apples and made me think I was eating fruit even if it was encased under a suffocating tomb of inch thick sugar. To make matters worse for Thanksgiving she followed through on my request to make it again. And it was at that time we realized that this dip went with every single kind of fruit that fruit tray had to offer. You wouldn’t think it went with cantaloupe melon but guess what?

It fucking did.

curse you


I may have loitered at Thanksgiving and took note of the process. I know I shouldn’t have and should have just left this as a special treat when my nice cousins come for a visit. So for the first photo a day of November I am throwing away any sort of pride and admitting yesterday I made caramel dip for brunch. For myself. I didn’t even share. When I ran out of apple I ate the rest with a spoon.


I said it.

(This shouldn’t just be my problem…melt cream and Werthers soft caramels one minute at a time in a microwave safe bowl. Stir after each minute until smooth. When smooth stir in peanut butter. Wash and cut up apples and don’t blame me.)

caramel dip

More Currybomb-esque Goodness:

Allo Monday!

It’s Monday and classical music is playing and the beagle is snoring and it’s crisp out. Crispy under your feet and fresh in your nostrils and it’s kinda romantic and bright but not sunshine-y really. Yesterday after an exclusively lazy morning (specifically crying at documentaries), Midge and I had some crazy ideas about raking leaves and having a huge bonfire. Which we did. The air still smells of it and it’s still smoldering away.

Bit of a charmed life no?

I found this wonderfulness this morning while enjoying a king sized pillow top, sleeping beagles/meowies at every angle of my body, caramel apple coffee and Pinterest. Follow me? KK.

so true


I really, really, really think this is something splendid. And important. For everyone, and that’s why I shared. You should share too.

I’m going to be catching up on #photoaday today. Love me some FatMumSlim and if you wanted to join in check out the Apple calender prompts and menu for this month.  I haven’t done these in a while but really enjoy them as an activity. I haven’t been doing a heck of a lot for myself or my creativity lately, call it the Autumn Wallow if you will, so this is me grabbing Iphoneington by the horns.

Still deciding when I will launch new blog. This current webpage is going to be rebuilt as my social media business spot. Which I am proud to say is going along swimmingly thanks to the best customers in the world. I am going to be adding marketing to my fun-ness too and maybe some freelance writing. Oh y’know, all in a days work! Part of me says January 1st, being a proponent for New Years to a fault

More Currybomb-esque Goodness: